Congratulations to Kraft Hockeyville 2014!

Sylvan Lake, AB

Medican Multi-plex

Congratulations to the Sylvan Lake community who showcased their spirit and hometown pride as Canada's most passionate hockey community. We hope you enjoyed the game between the Arizona Coyotes® and the Calgary Flames®. For information on the upcoming Kraft Hockeyville 2015, visit our facebook page.

A TOTAL OF $1,000,000* in prizing going to 16 hockey communities across Canada * based on the total amount of prize money awarded as well ARV for hosting a NHL® Pre-Season Game
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This community has Hockey Spirit!

We made it to the Top 16!

We won $25,000 in arena upgrades!

We made it to the Top 4!

We won $50,000 in arena upgrades!

We are the Eastern Finalist!

We are the Western Finalist!

We have won $100,000 in arena upgrades!

We are Kraft Hockeyville 2014

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Kraft Hockeyville is back and bigger than ever!

This year there are even more chances to win with a total of $1,000,000 in prizing going to 16 hockey communities across Canada.

Stirling-Rawdon, ON

Stirling's Quest for Hockeyville 2012

Players in Stirling's arena

This past spring, our community was devastated by the sudden passing of our long time arena manager Barry Wilson. In a village of 1800 people, over 1000 attended the funeral, appropriately held at the Stirling arena. Friends, family and colleagues shared memories and tears as the Stirling Blues Minor Hockey players saluted Barry during his last exit of the arena, standing proud in their Jerseys. It was at that moment the quest for Hockeyville 2012 came to fruition.

The larger population of Stirling-Rawdon is approximately 5,000, and we count on the arena to keep our families together over the long winter months. Barry Wilson had begun the process of planning an addition to the Stirling arena to meet code and the growing number of kids and families in the community. Our quest to bring Hockeyville to Stirling would help make Barry's plans a reality.

Our sadness continued a few months later when one of our hockey members suddenly passed leaving the hockey community in shock. Our quest has meaning, and we have brought this town together like no other.

Kraft Hockeyville is looking for communities that exhibit great community spirit, and a passion for hockey with the ultimate Kraft Hockeyville prize of $100,000 and the opportunity to host an NHL® game. The community centre needs updates in the form of a girl's dressing room, expansion of the four current dressing rooms, a new entrance so anyone with a handicap or our seniors can enter via the front door as well as a new meeting room. These funds would make a significant impact on the community centre.

The theme of Stirling Hockeyville 2012 is "Play together"."Stay Together" seems fitting; we have a couple of NHL® layers and a scout of the Winnipeg Jets that played in our arena and still come home. The community spirit in this town keeps the kids coming back over and over.

At the moment our committee make the decision to run for Hockeyville 2012, one message went out on facebook and the volunteers that stepped up and wanted to help was overwhelming. We had more volunteers than we did events.

Over the past few months to increase awareness of Hockeyville in our community, we have had the World's Greatest Kraft Dinner Pot, over 240 pounds of Kraft Dinner was shared, a Hockeyville wedding and an exchange of the Stanley Cup, a ball hockey tournament, Stirling mile walk, triathlon, a donation of over 400 pounds of Kraft products to our local food bank as an entry into our community events, and local kids in our community have created a theme song for hockey in Stirling, "where the ice is your home". The link can be found on our website. The towns people decorated their lawns this fall to support hockeyville, life size scarecrows all representing hockey in our community.

Today you can travel through town and see that the support continues. Our downtown has a creative design with signage that says, "KRAFT your letter".Our downtown has become such an attraction, people hear about Stirling and come to town just to check us out. All pictures can be found on our website at: or visit our facebook page stirling hockeyville. We are one community and we are proud of our heritage and plan to show the entire country that we are KRAFT Hockeyville 2012.

West Kelowna, BC

You Know We Love It!

I've lived in West Kelowna for nearly twenty years and have raised both my children here. My son plays hockey and we're actively involved in the minor hockey association in our community.

So what makes West Kelowna Kraft Hockeyville, and makes this honour so important to us all? Because we're Canadian? Because we love our hockey? Both are certainly true. But our community is unique to almost all others in the country, as our municipality only became an official municipality just four years ago, making us one of the newest communities in the country. We debated long and hard over the issue of even becoming an incorporated community. Nearly deadlocked in the debate for and against, after the tightest of referendum results, incorporation won out and we were given our official designation as a District Municipality.

Then came naming our community, another debate that went on for some time and was decided by the narrowest of margins after passionate campaigning by voters over the two front running name choices. Finally, in a public opinion poll conducted during the 2008 municipal elections, when, for the first time we elected our first ever, full term Council, the name West Kelowna came out on top, by only a few hundred votes.

The challenges of becoming a new municipality was difficult for everyone and great passion was invested along the way as many different perspectives and views faced off. Now anywhere else, this might have been a story about a community divided beyond hope, but that's where hockey comes in.

Through all the difficult and challenging times, hockey has been the one common passion that binds us and reminds us we are ALL West Kelowna. No matter what was happening and no matter on what side of any given debate people here stood, the arena always brought us together. Whether it was the joy of watching our children playing side-by-side in Westside Minor Hockey, or the winter ritual of families joining together to support our own Westside Warriors Junior A Hockey Club.

Anywhere else in the world, the turmoil over becoming a new community may have fractured our town and polarized us all. But our love of hockey, a shared passion that is so much a part of our cultural DNA here, has always been the glue that kept us all together, as we shared a wave and a smile across the stands at the rink with the same neighbour we debated the most contentious of issues just months, weeks or even days earlier.

We are diverse, from the families who have pioneered our community and still call this community home today, to new arrivals who have moved here from elsewhere, to our First Nation cousins who are so much an integrated part of our lives, and us a part of theirs. But as diverse as we are, after all we've been through, as we build a new, distinct identity for ourselves, our lives merge around hockey as it is and always will be, no matter what, the one thing we all have in common. I believe West Kelowna truly and uniquely embodies the amazing spirit and passion of Kraft Hockeyville, not only because we love the greatest game in the world here, but because hockey is the one common thread woven through the unique mosaic of a community still in its infancy, that has been our backbone and has united us all as ONE West Kelowna Nothing could be more important. That is why West Kelowna truly IS Hockeyville!

Duck Lake, SK

Family from Within

For most small communities the programs, organizations, and facilities are limited for many youth and community members. The small community of Beardy's and Okemasis has a rich culture in hockey. Families are brought together to encourage and promote hockey values of winning and losing with dignity, honor, and humility. For many hockey players here, they are significant role models for the youth, and great inspiration for adults to show no matter what the age, the sky is the limit.

"Change will not come to the world, unless we learn to change ourselves". I have been playing hockey for many years. As a hockey player, comes great memories on and off the ice. Relationships started and ended on the ice. All in which, hockey has been the pivotal stomping grounds to test the mind, body, and spirit of the HOCKEY FANATIC. If Kraft can share this experience with the community of Beardy's and Okemasis, Canada will always remember that from the east coast to the west coast, hockey lives strong in the prairies. Until the next home game, our community will wait with poise and grace.

Amos, QC

Passion Hockey

As a member of this community for over 25 years, I can safely say that the Complexe Sportif d'Amos (Amos Sports Complex) is central to life in Amos. It's where my son learned to skate, where my daughter developed her passion for hockey, and where I've been involved as a coach of our Midget AAA team for the past five years.

Each year, over 400 young hockey enthusiasts sign up for our local minor hockey association, figure-skating programs, and Midget AAA team. Our town is also represented on the Midget AA circuit by the Comètes. For nearly 50 years, our dynamic community has hosted a national Midget tournament that attracts teams from around the province and even across the country.

We have a committee in Amos that's doing an outstanding job – the Comité d'information et de promotion du projet de rénovation et d’agrandissement du complexe sportif (CIPRACS). Its goal of raising $1 million in the community was achieved in the past few weeks. The proceeds will go toward the larger project of building a new $16 million multi-sport complex for the town.

In the meantime, the current complex has problems that will require major repairs in the coming months. The concrete slab and refrigeration pipes need to be replaced at a cost of $1.7 million. Given the extent of the community's needs, the prize money from this contest would be a big help and much appreciated. As our beautiful town gears up for its 100th anniversary celebrations, Amos deserves this money and the right to host this spectacular event (NHL® pre-season game).

Amos: Healthy Town, Hockey Town.

Yarmouth, NS

Yarmouth is Hockeyville

My story is one of pride and success. Yarmouth is hockey and hockey is Yarmouth. Our community went through times of having an old rink with ancient ice-making capabilities, colder inside than outside and insulation falling from the roof onto the ice. A campaign, led by Gil Dares and Freeman Libby, was started and in 2001, a new 2-ice facility was opened. Since then we have completed one expansion, and this year, another one is in progress.

The Mariners Centre has become the hub of activity for our region and a noticeable economic driver. We have hosted many events that would not have been possible without this facility. Some of the events we have hosted include the Western Nova Scotia Exhibition, a vibrant figure skating club, a huge minor hockey program, the annual "Chicks with Sticks" hockey tournament( 28 girls teams from ages 6 to 16 ), the RCMP Musical Ride, the East Coast Fisheries Exposition, the Fred Page Cup, Nova Scotia Music Week ( 3 years ), many concerts and galas, the New York Islanders Training Camp ( 2 times ), and much, much more.

In 2012, our Jr. A team, the Yarmouth Mariners, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in our community. We are celebrating this by hosting the Maritime Hockey League Draft in June and the World Jr. A Hockey Challenge in November. All that we have accomplished has been the result of hard work and dedication by thousands of youth, hockey moms and dads, the volunteers, the business community, the support from all levels of government, the hockey fans, many groups and organizations and above all... by the best, most sincere hospitality shown to our visiting guests to the Mariners Centre and our community. We are "Hockeyville".

There are many items on our "Bucket List" to which the $ 100,000 we are going to win will be targeted. But I assure you, that benefiting our youth will be first and foremost in our minds when deciding this. By winning the Hockeyville competition, having an NHL® game in the "Fish Tank", the nickname of the Mariners Centre to the Yarmouth Mariners fans, will be the one and probably only time that the majotity of our residents will ever get to see an NHL® game.



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